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From: dawn cote
Subject: changing preferences6hey everybody, im back with the last installment of my film career! i
appreciate all the feedback and really want to hear from all, especially the
girls out there.SCENE 3 JANICE’S POOLme as kate, a resort employee
ann as eileen dobbs, the wife of a professional golf playerjanice’s back yard is a paradise to itself. it is as elegant as any resort
pool in las vegas but on a smaller scale. anyway, the resort is empty as
everyone staying very young lolita pic there is out watching the golf tournament. eileen never
sees her husband play in person. it is too stressful for her and he has
never won a match while she is in attendence.
she is 29 years old, 15 years younger than her husband.kate: hi mrs. dobbs, my name is kate and i have been assigned as
your personal assistant for the afternoon.eileen: please, call me eileen. i would like to start with a massage
to unwind.kate: great, lets go to the massage table by the sauna room. you
can undress and put one of those towels over you and i will
be there shortly.eileen: sounds good to mekate enters the room a few minutes nudist nude naked lolita later. eileen is lying face down on
the table with the towel draped over her butt.kate starts to massage eileen’s shoulders and begins to feel excited. here
she is massaging a beautiful nudist nude naked lolita rich woman. kate’s pussy is wet but she cant
relieve herself right now.eileen: oh shit, my cell phone nudist nude naked lolita is ringing, can you hand that to me kate?kate: of courseeileen: kate, can you excuse me, this is long distance from an old pal
of mine. can you come back in 5 minutes?kate: anything you say eileenas kate prepares to leave the room, she notices the panty that eileen took
off before the massage. as eileen chats on the phone, kate grabs the panty
and exits. kate goes into the sauna which is nearby. she strips her hot little cute loli shorts
and top off and sits on the top stair. she leans back and starts to take in
the aroma of eileen’s panty. kate starts to rub her clit with one hand.janice is in the sauna with the camera 5 feet away as kate continues.kate: oh eileen, i wish this was really your cunt
kate: you are beautiful. i want to lick you all over
kate: im cumming eileen, ahhhhhhhhkate puts her clothes back on and makes her way back to the massage room.
she discretely drops eileen’s panty back where it belongs. kate starts to
massage eileen’s shoulders again.eileen: that feels great, ive been under alot of stress lately and its
about time i feel good.kate: what could fasion magazine lolitas preteen be stressful in your life? you have it all, a rich
husband, constant travel, jewelry. what else could you want?eileen: that stuff is nice but its my husband. he hardly ever touches
me. he is very supersticious with his golf game. he wont make
love to me at all during the season. what i need is a good
hard dick. too bad you dont have one kate.kate now knows that eileen needs to get some action in between her legs.
she starts to massage lower along eileen’s back. she tells eileen to turn
over. now kate has full view of those beautiful breasts.kate: now just close your eyes and ill work your fronteileen: ok, i feel better alreadykate begins to rub and massage eileen’s neck and makes her way to her
breasts. she notices the nipples become hard and erect. she rolls each
of them through her fingers and hears a slight moan from eileen.eileen: kate, grab my bag will youkate: sureeileen takes out her wallet and takes money out. she kicks her towel off and
places 3 hundreds on her pussy.eileen: i really need dick but ive never been one to turn down a cunt
lickingkate: yes maamjanice zooms in and music begins to play. kate lowers herself to eileen’s
box and proceeds to dive ineileen: that feels so good kate, keep licking my buttonkate licks all over eileens pussy until she orgasms. janice is 3 feet away
rubbing her own clit.kate: did you say you really need a dick hot little cute loli inside?eileen: oh shit, is my husband back?kate: no, no but follow mejanice stops the camera. the three of us smoke a joint and take a few swigs
each from a cuervo gold tequilla bottle. i pour the rest all over eileen’s
ass. i strip as the scene continues. kate is leading eileen into the sauna.kate: bend over eileen, tiny nn lolita tgp i want to lick your asseileen reaches in front of her and holds onto the seat as kate begins to
lick her ass. because i had just poured tequilla over her crack, it dosent
smell like ass, it smells like tequilla and tastes good too. janice has the
camera 2 feet from us as i tongue eileen’s asshole. i also am working my
thumb on her clit. eileen explodes into orgasm and just like in any other
lez porno, a strap on suddenly appears. (janice hands it to me)i put the strap on on and let eileen lick it.kate: do you want this big dick inside you bitch?eileen: oh yeskate: then you better start licking it like you mean itkate: enough of that, bend overi insert the dildo inside eileen’s wet teen petite lolita baby hole. it slides in slowly as she’s
tight. remember, the two of us have not had dick in a long time.
eileen: that feels so goodkate: you like it dont you? rub your clit bitcheileen: FUCK MEeileen: FUCK MY CUNT, FUCK MY CUNT, IM CUMMINGjanice yells cut and the scene endswere all sweating and tired from fucking and licking all day. janice tells
us to relax for a few hours and we will have a late dinner. we chill until
then and as we eat dinner with janice, she plays our movie from start to
finish. i am amazed at how much sex we just had in one day. janice told us
this was one of the best movies she had filmed. she paid us and gave us a
copy of the movie. ann and i fell asleep together and woke early for our
drive back to las vegas. janice kissed us goodbye and hoped we could meet
again.on our way back, ann pulled my shorts and panty off and i draped my leg
across the seat. she got on the floor of the car and licked and nibbled my
clit to two orgasms, once near wickenburg arizona and the other time near
kingman, arizona. tiny nn lolita tgp
it was difficult to concentrate on the road.2 weeks after russian naked preteen lolitas our trip, i moved into ann’s apartment. everything went well.
we had sex usually twice a day. we bitched at each other a little during our
periods but got along great. we even bought a strap on for special
occasions. we arent your typical lesbian couple. we are both feminine and do
things to each other. we agreed to fuck no other people. that agreement was
broken when we brought a new dancer home for drinks and ended up both eating
her out on our kitchen table. i told delta that i was involved with another
woman and she was happy for me. everything was going great for a few months
until i came home 3 hours early one night and as i opened the door, some guy
was fucking a chic doggy as she ate ann’s pussy. you will read about that
soon.thanks tiny nn lolita tgp
for everything, dawn in vegas

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